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Weekend Warriors Paintball - New equipment sales and paintball equipment repairs and rentals.
Weekend Warriors Paintball - the one-stop shop for all your paintball needs and desires. 1-866-556-2132 E-mail Olds, Alberta Weekend Warriors Paintball - located 60 minutes north of Calgary, 30 minutes south of Red Deer, Alberta.
  Weekend Warriors Paintball - over 40 buildings, 35 acres of wooded playing field and a Speedball field.  
Paintball is a new exciting sport that has been spreading like wild fire since its creation back in 1981.
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Saturday, Sunday and Holidays, 9 am to 6 pm
To be assured of a space on Saturday, Sunday, or holidays, please call to make a reservation.

Weekdays and evenings by appointment


Rental Pricing

All rentals include the following: Semi-Auto Markers, a clean outer shell in camouflage or earth tones, a chest protector, gloves a neck protector, a JT or Vforce mask and air to power the gun and the referee who goes into the field with the group.

Please Note:
Any tank that is out of hydro date will not be filled. Any tank without a TC stamp will not be filled.

Rental Non-Package Pricing:
Rental fee $16.00 per person
Pellets at 12 cents per ball (maximum price)

Rental Birthday Package:
$16.00 rental fee
Paintballs are 7 cents per ball
Birthday person must be under 18 and there are no discounts for your own gear.

Rental Package Pricing:
$25 for rental, 100 balls, extra pellets at 10 cents per ball
$55 for rental, 500 balls, extra pellets at 7 cents per ball

Optional Rental Upgrades:
Tippmann A5 - $10.00 per session

Air Soft

Laser Tag
$15/person per hour

Extra Information
We supply RPS/PMI Premium Paintballs
Spectators welcome
We welcome all Valid competitors coupons
There will be no combining of discounts, coupons, and or packages
Groups can use our BBQ's, Propane and Grilling Tools (must provide your own meat, buns, plates, etc)
We have 35 acres of playing area, containing a bus, a castle, a town, a dirt mound field, 2 planes, a helicopter, and 3 speedball fields and 12 flag stations located in the trees.
15,000 sq. ft. Indoor field is available for use at no extra charge, without having to go for another drive

Own Gear Pricing

Own Gear
$12.00 per session
Paint starts at 8 cents per ball and goes down based upon amount purchased

Optional, own gear upgrade fees:
Compressed air tank - $5.00 per day
Mask - $5.00 per day
Loader - $2.00 per day
Clothing - $5.00 per day

***There will be no combining of discounts, for example with an entry free pass there will be no extra free paint or reduced paint pricing. Quotes will be made at maximum pricing, with stress placed that discounts on paint pricing are based upon the number of people in your group that show up, and how much paint they shoot, down to a price of 8 cents per ball. (This is for rentals and owners of equipment)

Special Deals

Bring your own paint or buy our off sale!
Only Weekend Warriors-supplied paint will be shot indoors.
With your own gear the field fee is - $25.00 for the first three hours, then $8 per person per hour after.
With our Gear - $30.00 each, then $8 extra per person per hour.
Additional Paint bought from Weekend Warriors will be 5 cents per ball.

Ladies Night - Ladies, Free admission & paint at 8 cents per ball.
Everyone get 2 for 1 entrance and same paint price.

Bulk Paint
500 at 7 cents per ball or a Case of 2000, at 6 cents per ball.
Does not apply to coupons or Birthday Packages.

Group Rates
Weekend Warriors caters to groups of all sizes, reasons and occasions. Call and ask for pricing for your group. Call 403 556 2132 and ask for Mike.

Weekend Warriors Paintball does not levy an extra charge for your air if you are playing at Weekend Warriors that day.

There is always an extra charge for C02.
No extra charge for air.

SUTP coupon price is 12 cents per ball.

Use of the BBQs is always free!

***Note: All extra Charges will be levied as required. Prices Subject to Change.***

We accept:
We accept Visa.   We accept Interac.   We accept Mastercard.

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