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Weekend Warriors Paintball - the one-stop shop for all your paintball needs and desires. 1-866-556-2132 E-mail Olds, Alberta Weekend Warriors Paintball - located 60 minutes north of Calgary, 30 minutes south of Red Deer, Alberta.
  Weekend Warriors Paintball - over 40 buildings, 35 acres of wooded playing field and a Speedball field.  
Paintball is a new exciting sport that has been spreading like wild fire since its creation back in 1981.
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Saturday, Sunday and Holidays, 9 am to 6 pm
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About Weekend Warriors Paintball

The Radford family ran a mixed farming operation for many years. To maximize the use of their land and buildings, they made the decision to diversify. Many options and possibilities were contemplated and discussed. Whatever the endeavor, it would have to be unique, novel ... cater to a niche market. Abandoning their conservative background, they stuck their necks way out, fully aware they could have their heads chopped off, and embarked on (what their neighbours referred to as) an outlandish idea, a paintball facility. This bold undertaking marked the birth of Weekend Warriors Paintball.

Starting out rather small and conservatively, a couple of buildings and a couple of acres of woodland were converted and equipped to attract the paintballer. As their clientele base and the popularity of paintballing grew, additional facilities and land were incorporated into the paintball adventure. As more and more facilities were transformed to a paintball environment, public awareness of Weekend Warriors Paintball exploded attracting paintball enthusiasts from all over the province and beyond.

Today, Weekend Warriors Paintball encompasses over 40 buildings (some multi level, some multi roomed), a heated 20,000+ sq. ft. building (includes 15,000 sq. ft. indoor arena, with a new dust proof surface) complete with changing facilities, restrooms, showers, pro shop and staging centre, 35 acres of wooded and enhanced outdoor playing fields and Speedball fields. What started out as (according to neighbours) an outlandish idea now represents the largest indoor paintball facility in Alberta.

Ode to the Bold

Here's to the pioneers. To the inventor of the belly flop. To the one who added "mosh" to pit. To the first to look a bull in the eyes and say, "Yeah, I'm gonna ride that. And with one hand."

Here's to the uninhibited. The 20 below zero, body-painted sport fanatic. The lovers that honour one another with tattoos. The streakers. And the mooners.

Here's to the brave. To those who can't karaoke, but karaoke anyway. To those who've shaved off their own eyebrow, just 'cause. Or objected at a wedding that needed an objection (thank you, thank you, thank you).

Here's to the rule-breakers. The fighters trying to bring the handlebar mustache back into fashion. Any couple who's ever been banned from a mall photo booth. And all the 4s out there who married a 10.

Here's to you, our customers. Those who crave a life full of adventure. And expect the same from their sports. From activities that push the limits. To spankin' good times. And a zest for life unafraid to challenge the bland.

It is you, friends, that we raise our hands and voices in salute. For you are the bold.

Weekend Warriors Paintball - Authorized Service Center for Brass Eagle, JT Paintball, Viewloader, Tippmann, and WGP.
Weekend Warriors Paintball - selling paintball products for Redz, Dye, PMI, Brass Eagle, JT Paintball, Viewloader, Tippmann, BTI Paintball, WGP, AGD, Ariakon and Kingman.
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