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Paintball is a new exciting sport that has been spreading like wild fire since its creation back in 1981.
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About Paintball
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About Paintball

Paintball is a new exciting sport. It has been spreading like wild fire since its creation back in 1981. Paintball is now played all around the world and is enjoyed by people of all walks of lives. Children, seniors and both sexes have caught on to this amazing sport.

Paintball is very similar to the childhood games of tag and hide & seek. Paintball players use markers to tag people with from a distance. The players will be tagged by a paintball that will leave a nice splat of bright colours. These changes to the childhood games make a fast.


  1. Under no circumstances may a player remove, or position his facemask in an unsafe position while in a shooting area.
  2. If a player is caught not wearing their mask properly they will be suspended from play for the balance of the day.
  3. You should never touch the lens on your mask; as of course any grime on your hands or cloth will transfer to the lens.
  4. In the event that your mask comes off while playing, stop, cover your eyes with both hands, and yell "I am unprotected", all shooting will cease, and the players mask will be repositioned on his face and he will return to the safe area to have the mask inspected.
  5. Do not shoot the guns or break paint in any of the safe areas, remember you are here for fun and not to injure another person.
  6. There will be no shooting of livestock, animals, or people not wearing a mask. Nor will you shoot vehicles, lights or into a safe area. Only in approved shooting areas.
  7. Do not overshoot an opponent.
  8. In a safe area all barrels must be plugged or have proper barrel bags on.
  9. All unsafe playing features or players encountered must be reported to the ref and he will deal with the situation. His word is final in all playing situations.
  10. Only one player at a time is allowed up in one of the towers.
  11. It is against the rules to deliberately aim at another player's head.
  12. The mercy kill rule is as follows, If you are within 20 feet of an opponent, yell mercy kill, wait half a second for them to surrender, and if they have not, shoot them.
  13. In a critical situation, you can always surrender. (Example: gun not working)
  14. There will be no swearing at another player, as it can upset them and escalate a situation.
  15. Again, Safety masks must be worn at all times on the playing field. No Exceptions!
  16. Safety goggles must be worn at all times. All guests over 18 must wear safety goggles meeting ASNI Z87.1 standards with FOAM SEAL AND ELASTIC STRAP, balaclavas, shemagh or large bandana protecting neck, mouth and ears, and appropriate head gear. Shooting glasses without a foam seal and elastic strap are not considered acceptable eye protection at Weekend Warriors. All participants under 18 must wear full-face mask goggles (i.e. paintball goggles) covering ears and mouth. There are no exceptions. Click here for further information.

Common Questions

What should I wear?
Coveralls, gloves, hats, body protection, and masks are provided for your use. The paintball also will wash out of most clothing. We recommend that you wear old clothing that you don't mind getting dirty. It doesn't have to be old paint or work clothing; just something that isn't your "Sunday Best". Some serious paintball players decided to wear $90 jerseys and $120 pants. We also encourage people to dress for the weather. So, warm clothing, dressing in layers and so on. Think most people know the drill. The final thing recommend is proper foot wear for running and walking through bush.

Will it hurt?
Each person will answer this question differently. For most people there will be a quick discomfort feeling when first shot. This will disappear in seconds. It obviously can't hurt that bad if millions of people continue to play across the world. That includes both sexes and kids as young as 10 to people in their 60-80s!

How old do you have to be?
The player has to be at least 10 years old. However, any child 10 years or older must be large enough to wear a mask. If we cannot find a mask that fits, the child will not be able to play. This is rarely the case, but there have been a few that are too small.

How much will it cost?
This will depend on many factors such as the player, time spent playing and how much paint is bought. On average a player will spend about $20 to $60 for a day (rentals included in the price). Some players decided to shoot a lot more paint and spent more than $60. Our Prices Section can be checked out to get accurate idea.

How long on average do you play
Again this will depend of various factors, but most players enjoy 2-5 hours of fun. However, you can play for an less than an hour if you wish.

Are you open all year round?
Yes, we are open all year round. We have a heated indoor field to allow people to play on the coldest winter days. We also allow players to go outside in the winter. In the summer the outdoor fields are mainly used, but we have an indoor that can be used if the weather turns bad. So, your day won't be wrecked if it rains.

What type of Guns/Markers do you have?
Our main markers are semi-autos such as Model 98s and A-5s. The semi-auto guns require just a pull of the trigger to fire (no pumping, extra cocking or that junk). However, we do have pumps for rental if you prefer that style of marker

Can I bring my own paint?
No Off Field Paint Allowed Except for Wednesdays. Off field paint is anything that has been bought from a store or other field. If it came from Wal-Mart, Canadian-Tire, etc. it can only be used on Wednesdays. If it was bought from Weekend Warriors (with the exception of Off Sale paint) it is fine to use again. Just let us check the paint to make sure its not too old or in bad shape. Certain limitations apply - visit our Prices page for details.

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